Top ReactJS Features

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library created by Facebook for attractive web attractive that provides a faster application with least Developing. Its key advantage is rather than working on the whole application; developers can simply shatter UI into a single component. Basically, it focuses on the individual component.

Here are some top reactjs features:

Easy to use:

  • js is comparatively very easy to use because of quality assured apps which saves time for developers and for clients also. React will provide you an exceptional UI layout.

Reuse components:

  • It is one of the major benefits of reactjs, as it allows developers to reuse components which ultimately reduce development efforts ensuring the flawless performance of the apps.


  • React create an interactive & dynamic UI for web & mobile apps. With a simple view for each state in your app, react will efficiently update the right components at the time of data modification.
  • The declarative view makes the code more readable & easier for debugging.

Virtual DOM:

  • A V-DOM object is a representation of a DOM object, V-DOM creates a virtual copy of original DOM.
  • It is a one-way data binding, Instead of updating the original DOM it’s easy to manipulate the V-DOM.


  • React will provide you great performance. It is a one-way data binding, Instead of updating the original DOM it’s easy to manipulate the V-DOM.
  • A modification can be done using requestAnimationFrame”, by ensuring the best library performance.


  • This is a trick worth learning. You personally prefer to use this feature while your app will get slow because speed is vital whenever you are creating an application.
  • There are times when getting your comment on the list will take more than expected time and for better speed, React.js will provide you an optimistic service for adding a comment to the list.


  • It is one of the great features which provides you a good mechanism by allows you to target & render components out with current state tree.
  • In front-end development, you might want to control the elements which are not your main apps DOM hierarchy.

Data Management:

  • Because of JS it can simply manage the data, and can easily test the data of the same interface with different data including data modification within the model.

Event handling:

  • It basically provides a cross-browser interface to a native event. React creates its own event system which is fully compatible with W3Cobject model.
  • In short, you won’t have to worry about incompatible names & fields because react event is implemented through event delegation by having a pool of event objects for reducing memory overhead.


  • It is also one of the key features for making the composition of components. React composition will provide you merging and creation of component in a simple way which you will not get by any other framework in the market for sure.
  • You can also add new functions to the components in the same source of code.

One-way data flow:

  • One-way data flow is the major reason for the creation of canonical data sources that will stay synchronized across the components for making highly interactive web apps.
  • It won’t give any authority to them for changing received data, it will allow you to provide new values to the data as per requirement but cannot permit to update the actual data store.
  • One-way data binding works with an app’s architecture called Flux controls which support react.js Apps instead of common MVC. Flux helps you to update the user view and control over React App workflow.


  • It can best be thought of as a markup syntax that very closely resembles HTML. It is more or less like the combination of Javascript & XML.
  • It makes writing React components, the building blocks of React UI, easier by making the syntax developers use for generating these strings of HTML almost identical to the HTML they will inject into the web page. JSX is one of best ReactJS features.

So in the light of above-mentioned unique features of React JS, it is definitely a sensible choice for corporations as well as start-ups. If you want to know more about reactjs app development, feel free to reach us at Aglowid IT solutions.


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